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Video Pipe Inspection

One of the challenges of maintaining your home is ensuring your plumbing and sewer system is in good shape. Recognizing you have a problem can be a challenge because for the most part your plumbing is not visible. When problems start you may not recognize the signs until it’s too late. Video pipe inspection allows you the opportunity to examine your pipes for problems before you need costly emergency repairs. Dover Plumbing Company’s trained plumbing technicians can run a video inspection of your pipes.

Video pipe inspection is very common today.  It’s done when a plumber inserts a cable outfitted with a special camera into your pipes. The camera is guided through your plumbing or sewer system providing a live view of your pipes to the plumbing technician. The technician is able to inspect your pipes or sewer system and then retracts the camera back out when completed.

This is a very common component in normal plumbing and sewer maintenance, which is why scheduling maintenance appointments are so important.

Advantages of Video Pipe Inspection
Prior to the invention and widespread use of video pipe inspection, the only way to identify plumbing issues was with a lot of guesswork and occasionally digging up the pipes. This was, obviously, quite a bit more time consuming, expensive, and destructive. With video pipe inspection, there is no longer any need for simply guessing where a problem is, or how bad it is. Regular inspections are the perfect way to highlight any problems or areas that may become problematic later on. You can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by having your pipes inspected at least once a year.

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