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Does it take your toilet two flushes to get all the waste down? Does it make noise all night long? Do you have frequent clogs? Is water leaking into the toilet bowl? Are there stains on the bottom of the toilet? Dover Plumbing Company in Houston can help.  Our trained plumbing technicians can repair or replace your toilet before those irritating problems become big issues including causing costly water damage, floor rot, or dangerous mold.

With our many years of experience with troublesome toilets we’re able to easily diagnose toilet problems or recommend a proper and affordable replacement if needed. Our plumbing technicians are capable of replacing problem handles, flappers, or fill valves in addition to clearing clogged drains. The key is knowing when to replace a toilet and when to repair it instead.

If you’re needing to plunge your toilet more than once a week you may have an older low flush toilet. These older models often suffer from random clog, and we know plunging on a regular basis isn’t a pleasant experience. This is an instance where we can help you choose a replacement toilet for installation that is better suited to your needs.

While older low flush toilets may cause problems, a newer low flush toilet can save you money. A water saving toilet uses less than 2 gallons of water per flush. Older flush toilets use between 3 and 5 gallons per flush. You see how that can add up, right? Replacing an older toilet with a new model saves you money and is better for the environment.

Hairline cracks in a porcelain toilet may not seem like a big deal, until the crack turns into an active leak or a flood of water. Be sure to check your toilet for cracks when you clean your toilet. An unnoticed crack could lead to a costly emergency later.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for a problem to replace your toilet. Replacing the toilet, sink, faucets, etc. in your bathroom can give it a fresh new look. The professionals at Dover Plumbing Company are here to help you with toilet maintenance, repair, and replacement installation.

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