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Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal isn’t working, give Dover Plumbing Company a call. Our plumbers have many years’ experience in the repair, installation, and maintenance of garbage disposals.

Once your disposal is back to working order, you probably already have the ingredients at home, to keep your garbage disposal clean and odor free.

Regularly clean the parts you can see. 
Use dishwashing soap on a brush or sponge wand to clean the visible parts of the garbage disposal. Make sure you get the joint where the disposal’s rim meets the sink, this is where small food particles and debris, or mold, can get trapped.

Clean the parts you don’t see.
While the disposal is running, squirt some dishwashing soap into the disposal and let it run for a minute.

Run the water when you run the disposal.
Always run water into the drain when you use the garbage disposal, this will help ensure nothing is left in the disposal when you turn it off.

Freshen and clean the disposal with the help of these natural products.
Grind citrus in your disposal to keep it smelling fresh. Ice cubes with, or without, the addition of kosher salt will help get the tough residue off the blades.

Flush the disposal and pipes.
Turn on your garbage disposal and run a full stream of hot water for at least 1-minute. That should be long enough to push particles through the pipes in your house.

An ounce of prevention.
Never put fibrous or starchy foods in your disposal – foods like celery and potatoes can do a number on your drain health. In addition, always run your disposal about five seconds longer than you think is needed, this will ensure debris won’t sit in the disposal.

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