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Buying a new dishwasher is a great experience but today’s dishwashers can be complicated to install and even worse to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. If your dishwasher isn’t acting properly, or you suspect a leak, it’s time to call Dover Plumbing Company and let our professionals get to work.

Read about three common issues we’ve seen in our years troubleshooting dishwasher problems.

Dishwasher filling and Draining: Your dishwasher has to fill with water to wash dishes properly, then the water drains out afterwards. If your dishwasher is not draining properly, or it does not fill up, this could be a sign that there is an issue with the water supply line. The water line could either be damaged or clogged.  If so, the dishwasher will not function properly.

Heating: Dishwashers generally heat the water during the washing cycle. If the water does not get hot enough you will see residue stuck to the dishes after the wash is over. Not only is this annoying but it can lead to a mechanical issue or even a water line problem. If you think the water is not warm enough, put your hand around the dishwasher vent during a cycle to see if hot air is coming out.

Wiring Connection Issues: If you suspect this a problem, you can pull your dishwasher out, and look at the wiring behind your dishwasher. Stay safe and don’t touch the wires as you look for any burns or breaks in the wiring. Dishwasher connection issues can lead to the dishwasher not turning on or working properly.

If your dishwasher has a problem call the experts at Dover Plumbing Company to  assist you. Protect the life of your dishwasher by keeping it working order.

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