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Grease Traps / Sample Wells

In addition to the services available to a residential customer we also offer the following commercial specific services:

This is not an exhaustive list of the services we can provide, please give Dover Plumbing a call  to discuss your specific plumbing requirements.

Restaurants, schools and commercial kitchens are generally required to have a grease trap installed. If a grease trap becomes overfilled or stops working, it can lead to the accumulation of grease which will eventually clog your plumbing. If you suspect a problem with a grease trap it’s important to address it right away by giving Dover Plumbing Company a call. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle grease trap installation and repair.

Sometimes called interceptors or sample wells, grease traps are a small reservoir which captures grease and other materials from flowing into the sewer system. Grease traps are installed in the wastewater pipe a short distance from the grease production area. Valves control the flow and retain the wastewater so the grease congeals and stays at the top of reservoir. When the accumulation is removed it prevents oil, grease and other debris from flowing into the sewer system.

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